NC: Wholesale and Retail Distribution NQF 2

SAQA I.D. 49280 - 120 Credits

This qualification reflects some of the needs of the Wholesale and Retail sector both now and in the future as it developed following much discussion with Wholesalers, Distribution Centres and Mail Order Houses. There is presently no Qualification available for employees at Level 2 in all three areas of the sector and there is great synergy between the needs of the three areas. As a result, based on specific needs expressed, the Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Distribution was developed. The impact of this Certificate on society and the economy is reflected in the multiple job roles and careers within three distinct arenas that can stem from the qualification.

The added value of the skills, knowledge and understanding developed by the Certificate will result in greater productivity resulting from the improved performance by the learner, due to the integration of the learning which may have taken place in the workplace.

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