Women in Leadership

Why A Women’s Leadership Programme Is Needed

  • Most companies are convinced that greater gender balance contributes to better financial performance, higher innovation capacity, and stronger competitive advantage. Moreover, striving for an inclusive organisational culture is one of the key strategic tactics for tapping into all of a company’s available talent.
  • Nevertheless, the number of women at the executive level is increasing so slowly that it will take at least 20 more years before women hold one third of the top management positions.
  • The Executive Programme for Women Leaders gathers a group of businesses together to bring out the often undetected potential of their female leaders.
  • The ROI is clear: research shows that gender-diverse executive teams perform better, are more innovative, get closer to the customer, and create an inclusive environment that is motivating for every employee.

Uniqueness Of The Programme

  • Positive approach − the focus is on how female leadership can be a success story (rather than the ‘negative’ approach that focuses on ‘overcoming the barriers’).
  • Powerful learning techniques with impact – including assessments and feedback tools, executive and peer coaching, practical workshops.
  • Evidence-based insights − founded on research expertise in female leadership and business.
  • Tailor-made programme − customised to the companies’ and the individuals’ needs.
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