Bursary Funding – close skills gaps, change lives for the better and improve your BBBEE score

By offering bursary funding for disadvantaged students, your business gets to do a number of critically important and meaningful things – firstly, you get to give a disadvantaged young South African access to quality tertiary education to radically change their lives and career trajectory, you get to help close critical skills gaps in your industry AND tackle the crisis youth employment trajectory in our country.  While doing all of this, your business also gets a serious boost to its BBBEE scorecard.

Bursaries fall under Skills Development on your BBBEE scorecard and represents 20% of the total points available. To qualify, your business needs to spend 2.5% of annual payroll on bursary funding, in exchange for 4 weighting points towards the BBBEE score.

When it comes to bursary funding, SA Business School is now an officially endorsed partner of the University of Pretoria.  We’ll help facilitate the process whereby your business contributes funding for bursaries for deserving and qualifying students at the University of Pretoria, and then obtain the necessary documentation and proof of funding to claim the points on the skills development line item towards your BBBEE score.

Talk to SA Business School and we’ll introduce you to the bursary funding options available through the University of Pretoria.  Remember you are also able to allocate bursary funding to specific qualifications that your business requires – which means your contribution goes a long way in addressing critical skills gaps in your industry sector.

For more information e-mail anton@sabusinessschool.com



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