We are not a business school. We are a school for business.

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new brand positioning for SA Business School to you.  It’s not coincidental that the relaunch and repositioning of our business coincides with Spring, the season of renewal and growth.

For us, it’s not just about a fresh new look though, but a far deeper purpose and evolved mission that reflects the changing face of organisational learning and development. It’s about the pride of being a truly South African brand committed to real progress for people and our corporate partners through meaningful learnerships, management development and bespoke training development and delivery.

A huge amount has changed and evolved in the learning and development field since SA Business School was founded in 2015, especially so in the last two to three pandemic years. Your business and ours have changed too! Our people have changed, learning and development has changed.  It is time for an evolved approach to a radically different world of business and L&D.

Fundamentally, we’re not a business school.  We’re a school for business.  This captures our essence. We believe that corporate learning and development shouldn’t be a tick-box exercise to score points, but rather about meeting the real-world requirements of employers and business. It’s about empowering your people with the tools to succeed in their careers, so that your business can too. It’s about delivering a strategic advantage for our corporate partners through corporate learning that is purposeful, agile, ongoing and most crucially, future-proof.

As just one example of our L&D innovation, SA Business School recently launched our online learnership programmes, revolutionising the way that learnerships are delivered in a rapidly changing organisational training and education environment.  We’re able to provide significant productivity, flexibility and cost benefits for both learner and employer, and learners get a powerful introduction to an evolved world of work where more work and training is done online and remotely than at any other time in our history. The flexibility and modernisation that this brings to the learnership process is ground-breaking in South Africa.

Our promise to you, our corporate partners, and learners, is of a holistic approach to training and development that bolsters understanding, know-how, job satisfaction and self-confidence that improves individual and organisational capabilities.

Talk to us if you want:

  • To develop the kind of leaders and employees in your business who seek to make a positive, real and lasting impact not only for your business, but for society too.
  • A L&D partner whose trainers and lecturers are authorities in the management field with a wealth of facilitating experience and have all held corporate leadership positions.
  • Truly global course content designed by international thought leaders who incorporate global trends into local coursework, with local context and relevance, developing a global mindset that comes from understanding the diverse cultural and social dimensions that influence business worldwide.
  • A sanctuary for your learners where we insist on a culture of open-mindedness, where we welcome debate, out-of-the-box thinking and respect for self and others, developing business leaders who seek to make a genuine, positive impact on society.
  • To maximise your business’ BBBEE advantage, and more importantly, maximise the potential of your people and your company, by giving your people and your business a strategic advantage through premium learning and development solutions.

Get in touch to schedule a discussion around how we can help your business go next level through purposeful, meaningful learnerships and L&D solutions that are all creating a strategic advantage for your business, through your people.

Tel:       +27 (0) 79 887 8638

E-Mail:  info@sabusinessschool.com

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