SA Business School achieves a Level 2 BBBEE Rating

Proving beyond doubt that at SA Business School we walk our talk, we’re delighted to announce our achievement of a Level Two BBBEE rating.

In addition to helping South African organisations to achieve compliance en route to economic and social transformation, we’re equally invested in this all-important objective.

Our hope is that our recent Level 2 BBBEE rating for 2023/4 demonstrates our absolute commitment to our clients, employees, communities and our country’s youth, backed by learnerships and internships, job creation for absorbed learners, our community and socio- economic initiatives, and our enterprise development programmes.

SA Business School clients: By working with us, you can now claim Procurement at 125%, which supports your business in achieving its own BBBEE growth objectives.

Prospective clients watching from the sidelines: Let’s talk. We can help you.

Our CEO, Anton Visser, says, “This rating goes well beyond the ‘numbers.’ It’s about the real impact SA Business School makes in creating meaningful change for real human beings. We’re especially proud of the learning and development outcomes we deliver for previously disadvantaged communities and of getting young people into sustainable jobs where there is real scope for career development.”

In a country like South Africa, where there are huge income disparities and equality doesn’t necessarily translate into equal access to resources, SA Business School is driven to accelerate skills development, diversity and inclusion, gender equality, and the development of enterprise. We can and will re-shape South African business for the better.

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