10 Big Reasons For Applying For A Learnership In South Africa

After research on Google, clearly, students are seeking reasons for applying for a learnership in South Africa. We believe that it is time for learnership programmes to receive the credit they deserve and for more employers to realise their power and value. Learnerships have been one of the most significant catalysts for long-term employment in South Africa for the past 20 years.

There are two main reasons for applying for a learnership in SA. The first reason is the mismatch of skills between what students are taught at higher and tertiary education levels and the second is what the industry needs. Often, students lack practical experience.

This is a dilemma that has been continuing for years because employers want people to walk in with skills and knowledge to hit the ground running and be immediately productive. However, students fresh out of school require extensive practical learning to be highly valued and gain meaningful ‘on-the-job’ experience.

Reasons for applying for learnerships in South Africa go beyond skills and knowledge because they are also one of the best ways to bridge the gap between education and work opportunities. They are enormously beneficial to individuals and companies, who want personnel who proactively grow their skill sets. More than 40% of South Africa’s youth is unemployed. However, companies cannot fill certain positions since there is a shortage of skilled and qualified people in various industries.

No matter how you look at it, the situation is a socio-economic disaster that learnerships were created for because no matter your level of education everybody has a right to participate in their country’s economic expansion and growth.

The Power Of Learnership Programmes

A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF qualification. It is related to a specific field or occupation, for example electrical engineering. You can apply for a learnership in every occupation. It is just a matter of finding an opportunity in the field you are interested in.

The process of a learnership involves three people – the learner, the employer, and the skills training provider like SA Business School. Right before you begin your learnership we will draw up a document that states all the details and obligations of all three parties. This includes elements like how long the learnership will last, what the outcome will be for the learner and employer, and what kind of training will be provided.

10 reasons for applying for a learnership with SA Business School


Learnerships provide quality training, and practical experience that help students work towards an NQF qualification, all at the same time. You might not be guaranteed a job, learnership courses set students up for professional success, giving them a much better chance of finding a job.

Companies can also efficiently spend their skills development budget, drive growth in their business, earn B-BBEE points, and change the course of an individual’s life.

10 Big Reasons For Applying For A Learnership

Learnerships provide valuable work experience and a formal qualification. Better yet, employers sponsoring learnerships can gain concomitant Sars tax benefits and B-BBEE value. They also build a talent pool of individuals with relevant, quality skills.

Here are ten reasons for applying for a learnership in South Africa and why they are the most powerful catalyst for employment:

1. Gain Industry-Specific Qualifications

One of the reasons for applying for a learnership is they are specific to your industry. Every programme is developed according to specific industry requirements so that the programme and the qualification is relevant to your specific occupation.

2. Practical Skills Competency Learning

Learnerships consist of both theoretical and practical learning components. During the developmental process, you acquire valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as the latest and best practice techniques to do your job more effectively.

10 reasons for applying for a learnership with SA Business School


The practical learning component ensures that you become multi-skilled in your profession so you can apply your learnings and turn your experience into action.

3. A Chance To Learn And Collaborate

Other reasons for applying for a learnership include their ability to encourage you to collaborate with your colleagues in the learning journey.

Networking and collaborating help us get a better understanding of their jobs and vice-versa.

4. Improved Development, Skills, And Motivation

Learnerships focus on developing both your hard and soft skills to improve performance and self-esteem.

Building assertiveness is one of the most important reasons for applying for a learnership because it makes you more productive and efficient in your job. Not to mention that you will be able to adapt easily to change and advance in your career development.

5. You Can Work And Study

Who says you should stop working to enhance your skills?

On the contrary, one of the reasons for applying for a learnership is the fact that it can complement your work schedule. For example, SA Business School Learnerships split up your theoretical learning over a one to two-year period.

This gives you the flexibility to enhance your skills in your working environment and have sufficient time to compile your portfolio of evidence (PoE). We also offer E-Learning which allows you to study online according to your schedule.

10 reasons for applying for a learnership with SA Business School


6. Earn a National Qualification For Your Profession

National recognition is one of the reasons for applying for a learnerships in South Africa.

Once you successfully complete the programme and are competent in all learning outcomes of the learnership, you will receive a nationally recognised and accredited qualification from the certifying SETA affiliated with your industry.

7. Opportunity For Growth And Development

Completing a learnership can open doors for further learnerships or advanced training programmes.

Depending on the reasons for applying for a learnership and which one you decide to take, you might even receive credits to complete another qualification.

8. Learnerships Improve Access To Career Opportunities

Successfully completing a learnership will open doors for promotion and further employment opportunities.

Learnerships can therefore have a significant impact on increasing your income and your workplace credibility.

9. Create A Talent Pool

One of the reasons for applying for a learnership is that it is a powerful tool for multi-skilling since it develops the competence of learners in every component of an occupation’s work processes.

An example of this is the fact that companies will not hire graduates from university until they gain experience and can demonstrate a work history. Learnerships are a mechanism for these talented young people to show their value and potential to future employers, while the employer does not risk the permanent employment of a candidate without a work history

10 reasons for applying for a learnership with SA Business School


10. A High ROI

Learnership programmes come at no cost to the learners and with SETA’s, B-BBEE sponsors, government, and Sars providing a financial framework including learner remuneration, individuals can earn while they learn.

For companies, the costs of learnerships can be recouped in ways including higher returns from the Skills Levy, increased grant disbursements, tax rebates, and points for Skills Development on their B-BBEE scorecards.

Therefore, all these reasons for applying for a learnership really are a win for business and a win for learners.

10 reasons for applying for a learnership with SA Business School


Partner With SA Business School

By partnering with a reputable training provider, like SA Business School, your organisation can obtain significant B-BBEE, tax allowance, and training grant benefits if they invest in your development.

The value of these benefits exceeds the cost of the learnership itself. Learnership programmes can also have a degree of customisation that can benefit your organisation’s workforce on a larger scale. Additional topics specific to your organisation’s needs can be included, thereby filling organisational skills gaps which is one the biggest reasons for applying for a learnership.

If these reasons for applying for a learnership, have you convinced and you are serious about protecting your career? You can now grow in a time of uncertainty. Learnerships are the ideal solution.

You will come out with renewed motivation and skills that will improve your performance and allow you to make a significant impact on your company. Not to mention that learnerships can be a catalyst for opening new business opportunities for your organisation.

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