These 5 Powerful Benefits Of Learner Hosted Solutions Will Transform Studying

During the pandemic, companies had to move their long-established systems into the cloud onto learner hosted solutions (LHS) to continue operating. These included employee training and development. Whereas before, they could onboard and train employees on-site, so they had to do everything online.

However, even before the coronavirus happened across the globe, online learning was already gaining popularity. It was only a matter of mass adoption. And COVID-19 put it on the fast track.

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Should you already have one and want to switch things up, you can benefit from this article as well. Not only will online learning benefit large organisations, but it will also improve the students’ experience.

Learner Hosted Solutions Overview

A student management system is also known as a student information management system.

This innovative software organises and coordinates all student data through one centralised data management system accessible by all departments. With this kind of on-premises or cloud-based student management system, lecturers can input, manage, and access student data.

At SA Business School we can also meet regulatory compliance needs. These learner hosted solutions allow you to:

  • Seamlessly manage the student registration process.
  • Keep track of all student data and attendance.
  • Provide students with easy access to their information.
  • Make it easy for your academic staff to manage marks.
  • Track student finances (payments, bursaries, loans, etc.)

This article explains why learner hosted solutions are more efficient and cost effective | SA Business School

You Can Tackle Different Challenges

Learner hosted solutions can tackle different challenges that higher education institutions face in relation to the effective management of data and information across departments.

Our system takes a consolidated approach to student management and integrates all elements needed for a higher education institution to function optimally and effectively.

This includes integrating the following into one consolidated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution:

  • Student result management system.
  • Online student attendance management system.
  • Student admissions management system.
  • Student database management system software.
  • Student success management system.
  • Learning management system.
  • Students’ information system.

With the right kind of learner hosted solutions technology in place, higher education institutions can access student information faster, automate processes, and enhance efficiency, saving time, resources, and costs. This solution can reduce administrative burdens while improving staff productivity which only positively impacts the organisation’s bottom line.

This article explains why learner hosted solutions are more efficient and cost effective | SA Business School

Five Powerful Benefits Of LHS To Transform Studying

From the above, learner hosted solutions play an integral role in the successful management and running of a company’s employees who want to study further or students ready to enter the workforce.

What is more, students will benefit hugely when using learner hosted solutions. These include:

1. Better Overall Student Performance

Our student attendance tracking offers insight into student performance, so organisations can highlight any ‘red flags’ concerning attendance and exam results and address these accordingly.

Learner based solutions also enable students to access the information and coursework they need to meet their course requirements.

2. A Streamline Of Tasks

With learner hosted solutions, you can automate tasks that streamline and save time in terms of productivity which positively impacts the student experience.

This article explains why learner hosted solutions are more efficient and cost effective | SA Business School

3. Improved Communication

Learner hosted solutions allow all institution stakeholders, including students and employers, or even parents, to access the information they need regarding elements related to registration, fees, coursework, and more which enhances communication.

4. Less Human Labour, Paper, & Workloads

Expect all of this, while improving accuracy.

Learner hosted solutions reduce the cost of resources related to labour, paper, and filing. We store all information within the system, which is easily accessible at the click of a button.

5. Efficient And Effective Timetabling

With learner hosted solutions, you can efficiently and effectively track student and exam timetables.

The above is just the beginning regarding the benefits you can experience with this kind of student management software.

You can also gain essential insights from detailed reporting into fiscal management, registration information, headcounts, and more, which will enable you as a company, organisation, or parent to make informed business or financial decisions.

This article explains why learner hosted solutions are more efficient and cost effective | SA Business School

Key Areas E-Learning Is Making An Impact On Students

Where can digital transformation be the most helpful in education?

Certain cases are not that obvious yet worth considering. So, let us explain the critical areas where learner hosted solutions can make learning more efficient.

1. Managing Admissions

Uploading your enrolment application to universities or schools offline is lengthy and tiring.

Submitting them via learner hosted solutions online is much more convenient. You pick your course of interest and send the respective documents at once.

This is a time-savvy option that not only accepts your documents but also processes them faster.

2. Minimise Risks

Whether a student is sick or there are class cancellations due to harsh weather conditions, e-learning and learner hosted solutions can handle it all.

Now, to maintain excellent attendance rates and not miss an important lesson, you can simply click on the “Join” button of the meeting tool or just read the material uploaded on the cloud.

This article explains why learner hosted solutions are more efficient and cost effective | SA Business School

3. Improve Learning Outcomes

With interactive lessons and implementing learner hosted solutions, you can motivate students and, as a result, improve their learning skills.

The more attention they pay to what is going on, the more relevant information they can absorb at once.

4. Evaluate Performance

Students will get faster access to tests and their grades through online systems.

E-learning systems allow them to submit papers, do instant plagiarism checks, and track attendance. All these factors form students’ performance levels that you can easily measure via a digital platform.

Start Using Learner Hosted Solutions

At SA Business School, it is essential we ensure the smooth running of a higher education institution.

Our learner hosted solutions take the complexity out of ensuring operational efficiency across departments and enhances the student experience and overall productivity within the organisation.

For more information about our e-learning, contact us at SA Business School and we will happily connect with you.

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